Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR)

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Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR)

Participants completing Wind Turbine Safety Rules WTSR course in Wexford

Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR)

Duration: 1 day

Venue: Renewables Academy at Wexford Training Centre (or online/site to suit client groups)

Certification: Safety On – Valid for 2 years


The Wind Turbine Safety Rules (“WTSR” or the “Rules”) are a model template of rules and procedures to help formalise a safe system of work to manage the significant risks associated with wind turbines.

They have been developed by wind farm owners and operators for the purpose of achieving both General Safety and Safety from the System – a process that safeguards persons from the mechanical and LV electrical hazards on equipment that had not been isolated, blocked or de-energised.

The WTSRs are the Safety Management System in place in the majority of wind farms in the UK and Ireland and they are acknowledged by the HSE in the UK as the “best practice” system of safety management.

The current version is Third Edition :2015 – our training is always delivered to the most up to date Edition.


The objectives of the course are such that, on completion, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the reasons why the WTSRs exist
  • Discuss the elements of “The System” and identify its boundary points
  • Explain the relationship between General Safety and System Inherent Danger
  • Describe the five stages of managing a task under the WTSRs
  • Understand the principles of safety precautions required to achieve safety from the system
  • Name the documents used to manage safety under the WTSRs
  • Identify the nominated / authorised roles detailed in the WTSRs

What you get

The course takes place in the classroom (or online) and covers:

  • Definition of The System (Plant and LV Apparatus) and its boundaries
  • The WTSR Policy, Philosophy and Principles
  • General Safety Provisions
  • The Basic Safety Rules and Precautions
  • General Procedures and Keys
  • Approved Written Procedures (AWPs)
  • Routine Operating Procedures (ROPs)
  • Responsibilities of Persons:
    • Authorized Technicians
    • Authorizing Engineer
    • Competent Technician
    • Operational Controller
    • Selected Persons
  • WTSR Definitions
  • Management Instructions & Support Procedures

Successful delegates will receive a Renewables Academy Certificate of Training which is recognized by most major manufacturers and wind farms. (We are the approved WTSR training provider for a number of wind energy companies across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.)

Delegate Pre-Requisites

Renewable UK, who manage all aspects of the Wind Turbine Safety Rules do not specify any pre-requisites, although some employers and wind farm sites do specify requirements in terms of language and previous safety training.

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