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Vehicle Banksman

vehicle banksman training directing forklift driver

Vehicle Banksman

Duration: 1/2 day (Max 6 trainees)

Venue: On site at customers own premises

Certification: Renewables Academy (valid for 3 years)


One of the most important jobs on any work site, loading bay or construction site is the Vehicle Banksman.  The Banksman will be in charge of directing the movements of large vehicles and will be the drivers ‘eyes and ears’ when the driver may not have a clear view of what is around them.

This Vehicle Banksman course is designed to raise awareness of the dangers caused when large vehicles are reversing and manoeuvring.

It also introduces physical techniques and hand signals to assist drivers in completing these activities. 


The objectives of the course are such that, on completion, delegates will be able to:

  • Know the responsibilities of a Vehicle Banksman
  • Understand legislation and regulations
  • Identify areas of danger within the work site
  • Ensure safe passage of large reversing rigid and articulated vehicles
  • Demonstrate recommended code of signals
  • Raise awareness of the risks and hazards attached to working as a vehicle banksman

What you get

  • Theory element will include multimedia supplemented by video/power point and hand-outs 
  • Practical element will include identifying and securing the reversing area for the vehicle, guiding the vehicle/s into and out of the area safely and showing good safety awareness during the exercise.

Additional Information

  • Trainees will be required to wear all recommended PPE during the practical exercise.
  • Trainees should be familiar with the latest version of the highway code.
  • A suitable dedicated area must be provided for the practical exercise.
  • A suitable vehicle of similar type that the company usually use to be supplied by the client.

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