Ladder Safety

Health & Safety Training

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety

Duration: 1/2 day (Max 6 trainees)

Venue: Renewables Academy at Wexford Training Centre

Certification: Renewables Academy (valid for 3 years)


This course is designed to provide trainees with the skills and knowledge to carry out their duties safely while working on a ladder/stepladder


The objectives of the course are such that, on completion, delegates will be able:

  • To understand SHWW 2007 part 4 (work at height)
  • To identify when ladder use is appropriate
  • To carry out and record a ladder pre use inspection
  • To be able to identify the correct type of ladder for a specific task
  • To be aware of how to set-up and correctly work on a ladder

What you get

  • Theory element will include multimedia supplemented by video/power point and hand-outs
  • Practical element will include ladder/stepladder inspection, identifying appropriate accessories (stand-off/Offset base etc.)
  • Theory and practical tests must be successfully completed and evaluation sheets used.
  • Successful candidates will be awarded with a Renewables Academy certificate (Valid for 3 years) 


We offer a wide range of industry approved safety training.

We deliver the full range of GWO Basic Safety Training courses at our premises in Wexford which has a purpose built wind turbine for practical exercises allowing technicians to experience training as close to reality as possible.

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