GWO Basic Technical Training

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GWO Basic Technical Training

G.W.O. requires existing technicians to fill any gaps in their technical knowledge by attending one or more of the 3 individual modules detailed below. For more details contact our training team on 0539121929

Technical Training Basics

Whether your past work experience included electrical, hydraulic, mechanical or none of the above fields our four and a half day BTT training course is specifically designed to be easy to understand. We include classroom based practical exercises so the course mimics what you’ll find in the “real world”. You’ll get “hands on” from the get go. If you need any further info send us a message from the link provided at the top of the page!

We’re ready and waiting to help you with your training needs.

Electrical Module  

An introduction to electricity AC/DC, basic principles, components and symbols used in the industry. The course focuses on electrical safety and fundamentals in the workplace.

Practical exercises using typical industry tasks under the close supervision of highly experienced tutors make the course interesting and realistic.


The mechanical module takes trainees from the basics of mechanical systems and their components through tool selection and correct use to taking accurate measurements using a range of precision equipment. Again workplace safety and the importance of focusing on correct procedures is emphasized as the practical tasks take place in a real workshop environment.


The hydraulic module begins with an introduction to principles, basic hydraulic applications and equipment. Symbols and schematics are used to

expand and explain hydraulic circuits, their components and operation.

Once again safety is a priority and the correct use of appropriate PPE during the practical exercises is carefully monitored as they will include typical industry tasks in a real work setting.


We offer a wide range of industry approved safety training.

We deliver the full range of GWO Basic Safety Training courses at our premises in Wexford which has a purpose built wind turbine for practical exercises allowing technicians to experience training as close to reality as possible.

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